5 Tips for Buying an Overhead Crane

Overhead cranes are used for movement of all types of materials in all types of environments. Whether you are buying a crane for the first time or replacing an existing one, take the time to review the services it is expected to perform and the environment in which it will operate. A detailed understanding of the service requirements is essential to ensure a long life, safe and economical operation. In this article we’ll cover 8 tips for buying an overhead crane.

One of the first and simplest decision to make is often overlooked until the buyer is far along in the process, and that is, will the crane be operated remotely or from an operator’s cab.The Service Class assigned to a crane takes into account the loads it will lift, the frequency, and it’s duty cycle.Consider the maximum loads, the average loads, and estimate the number of loads to be lifted each hour and each shift

The important point to note is that very few manufacturers specialize in all types of cranes. So selecting the type of crane first, will reduce the number of manufacturers you need approach, saving you time.This can reduce the field of manufacturers further. In general there are three types of hoists: electric chain or cable hoists, pneumatic hosts, and manual hoists. This is a fairly easy selection. Pneumatic hoists can handle loads between 125kg to 100 tons. Aside from their superior load rating, a pneumatic hoist is often chosen for environments which are hostile to electric motors, or for which electric current could be dangerous.

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